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Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) Honours


Career after Hospitality Management Course


The hospitality industry encompasses a diversity of fields within the service industry, including hotels, resorts, restaurants, event planning, theme parks and others from the tourism industry. Hospitality Management not only concerns accommodation and food and beverage services but covers areas like meetings and events, gaming, entertainment and recreation, tourism services and visitor information. In such a broad based industry, career opportunities are extensive. As the hotel and hospitality industry moves increasingly from a skill-based to a knowledge based industry, higher learning has become increasingly critical to opening career doors and helping managers to be more fully attuned to the culture, services and competitive aspects of the sector.

Our curriculum covers studies and practical experience of hospitality management. Most importantly, after their studies which are tailored specifically to contemporary needs, our students are able to find jobs in the leading companies and associations hospitality industry.Usually, our graduates start with the operational position and are able to advance quickly to managerial positions for a successful career.


This is a four year full time Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management) Hons. degree program from HELP University, Malaysia. This 4-year program comprises eight semesters of 6 months each. Students do internship in the seventh and eighth semester. There are 125 credits altogether in this program.


Semester 1

  1. Introduction to Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management
  2. Introduction to Kitchen Operations & Food and Beverage Services
  3. Principles of Management in Hospitality & Tourism
  4. Academic Writing
  5. Financial Accounting

Semester 2

  1. Bar, Beverage and Barista Management
  2. Principles of Micro Economics
  3. Room Division Management
  4. Principles of Marketing
  5. Information Technology for Business

Semester 3

  1. Accommodation Operations Management
  2. Hotel Operations Management
  3. Organizational Behaviour for Service Industry
  4. Business Statistics
  5. Business Law

Semester 4

  1. Human Resource Management for Hospitality and Tourism Industry
  2. Hospitality Small Business Operations
  3. Co-curriculum – Event Management 2
  4. Research Methodology for Hospitality Industry
  5. Management Accounting

Semester 5

  1. Banqueting and Convention Management
  2. Services Management in Hospitality
  3. Leadership and Management in Hospitality Industry
  4. Asian Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  5. Financial Management

Semester 6

  1. Culinary and Restaurant Management
  2. Contemporary Issues in Hospitality and Tourism
  3. Strategic Customer Care in Hospitality & Tourism
  4. Personal Branding and Career Management
  5. Graduation Project

Semester 7 and 8

Industry Placement Practicum

Total Credit Hours: 125

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Hospitality internships offer first-hand experience in some of the most distinguished tourism destinations and related companies in the world. Our internship program provides college students with guaranteed internship placement in premier hospitality and best companies.

The purpose of these programs is to provide students with hospitality and business management basics, to offer the possibility of gaining international experience, to prepare them to work in a professional environment as well as to increase the competitiveness of graduates in the labour market.

Program Pathway

Before MVIC

A Level, Higher Secondary Level, +2 equivalent (any stream)

Year 1 to 4*

Bachelor of Business in Hospitality Management (Hons)

After MVIC

Masters Degree(MBA, MHM, MTTM, MBS, MA, etc.)

*For your 4th year you may have the option to continue at MVIC, HELP University, or a university associated with HELP University.